19 mm fine feed pillar drill machine

19 mm fine feed pillar drill machine

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Drill Capacity In Steel

20 mm

No. of Spindle Speed


Spindle Speed in RPM

90 – 3000

Spindle Nose


Spindle Center to pillar surface


Spindle Travel


Square table size

265 * 265

Max. Distance from Spindle to Table

620 mm

Ma. Distance from Spindle to Base

920 mm

Base size ( machine area)

325 * 315

Pillar Diameter


V-belt section


Motor Speed

1400 RPM

Motor Capacity

0.75 /1 h.p

Weight of Machine

110 Kg (without motor approx)

Type of Feed


No. of “T” slots


Pillar length

1220 mm

Overall height


Tapper in spindle

MT 2

Overall dimension

1520L * 730* 320w

Overall base size

480* 320

General features

  • Maine spindle and pinion are made from EN-8 steel by forging for roburst structural strength.

  • Column, arm, work-head & gear are made from finest closed grain cast iron; while spindle Ram is made our of Alloy steel.

  •  Main spindle run out is checked for accuracy as per IS 2199, prescribed standards.

  •  All moving parts are fine-finished with grinding to a close tolerance, heightening the overall machine performance.

  • Quality bearings with grease bath, so that day today oiling is not required.

  • Main gear and pulley are perfectly balance, prior to assembly.

  •  Powder coated standard accessories for better functioning, longer life and to prevent corrosion and pillage associated with usual chrome plated accessories.



Stander Accessory

  • Motor Pulley

  • Tapper Drift

  • Manual book


 Extra Accessory

  • Electric Motor

  • R & F switch

  • Drill chuck

  • Arbor

  • Key-way Compound slide

  • Coolant pump

  • Drill vice

  • Motor Belt

  • Machine Lamp